Monday, May 20, 2013

What a Week!

What an amazing week I just had!  A few weeks ago I told you that I had writers blocks, well after this past week thoughts are just pouring out of me. 

In the last 6 days I saw the Dalai Lama speak twice, went to a wonderful zoo that was free, visited a beautiful botanical garden that is home to a gold inlaid Pavilion that was crafted in Bangkok, Thailand, took a car ferry across Lake Michigan, slept in 3 different beds in 5 days, went to a silent retreat, rolled down the side of a hill (I was channeling my inner child and no I didn't break anything), made my very own 108 mala beads, walked along the shores of Lake Huron, got to know one friend better and made two new friends. Somewhere in between all that I taught 5 yoga classes ,a meditation class and participated in a aerial Yin Yoga workshop. Whew! I really wasn't tired until I just re-read what I just typed.  Ahhh, the power of suggestion.

The first order of business is to share with you the wonderful experience of seeing the Dalai Lama, but that's going to have to wait a day or two, I need to catch a few breathes and just breathe.

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