Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Change Your Mind/ Change The World (Part #1)

The title of this post was also title of the talk that the Dalai Lama gave  last week in Madison WI and as some of you may know I had the honor of attending two of his 3 talks.

The first one was Tuesday morning at the Alliant Center in Madison. When he walked into the room, tears came to my eyes, just knowing what he as been through and what he continues to do for world peace.  It was more a convention center type of venue and unfortunately with the combination of his Holiness accent and the sound system it was at times difficult to understand him, but the mere energy of his presence was very evident.  There were approximately 3500 attendees so with the combination of his energy and ours, the place was buzzing.

His message that day was simple but powerful.  He first reminded us that no matter what religion or spiritual path that you are on, that it's all good. He kept on saying "same, same, it's all the same".  He also reminded us about a very basic principle, that if we want to be happy we first have to help others be happy.  That's it, sounds simple but at times can be very hard since we live in a world of "what about me". He ended up talking 45 minutes passed what he was suppose to.  At the end of the talk we were told how much money was generated, what the actual costs were for the event and the his Holiness donated the difference (I think it was approximately $75,000) to help support a  Buddhist temple in the area.

Security around him was very tight since we were told by a gal one of my group was sitting next to that there are death threats again the Dalai Lama.  

I want to apologize for the quality of the photo, my hand was shaking from excitement! I also want to apologize if my thoughts seemed scattered, still processing it all.

This whole trip was a gift from an unexpected source and I keep on trying to think of ways to thank them more than I already have, what could I get them what can I do?  They are in a good place in their lives and really don't need anything and let it hit me! Of course, just pay it forward and just breathe.

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