Saturday, May 25, 2013

Change Your Mind/Change The World (Part #2)

The second talk of his Holiness the Dalai Lama was the next day and was held in a different venue than the day before, a much more intimate setting with wonderful acoustics and sound system.   This was also different in the fact that it was a panel discussion with , to quote the event website site "some of world's most respected thought leader to discuss how neuroscience,  environments,  economics and healthcare can combine to make the world a healthier, happier place". Amen!

It was a great discussion and instead of me trying to explain it to you through the miracle of technology  I have attached the link to the talk sponsored by the University of WI - Madison.  The guest speakers asked the Dalai Lama how can we make this happen, this "mind training" that they were referring to and and he  kept on telling them that they need to spread the knowledge, keep on doing what they are doing by educating people.

After the talk, the four of us were discussing his Holiness's request and this is what we came up with.  The people attending these events were already of the mind set otherwise they most likely wouldn't have been there.  How to you get the word out to people that this type of thinking may be new to them or don't even know who the Dalai Lama is (sad, but true). What about the portion of the population that would have loved to attend but couldn't financially afford the tickets, travel expenses, time away from work, no one to watch the kids.  That's where you and I come in.  That is when we start to make a difference.  

Watch the videos and then forward them to as many people as you can.  Start a discussion to get them on the right path. You can and do make a difference.  In the afternoon talk on Tuesday his Holiness said that we  all have this potential inside of us, it just needs to be nurtured and brought out.  

Together we can do this.....just take the first step and just breath.

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