Monday, August 13, 2012

We Need to Stick Together Till the End

On Sundays I teach Yoga in the Park in downtown New Baltimore from noon to 1:00 (shameless plug, but maybe not since it's a free class).

As I walked to the spot where we meet, I got closer and noticed that there was a seagull lying on the ground, obliviously in some type of distress.  Other birds were around him, maybe 8 or so.  Two of them seemed to be arguing with each other or upset.  As the students started to arrive I steered them away from our friend and we started class.

As the students started to move and breathe, they seemed less concerned about our friend and more about their practice.  At one point in the class, someone motioned to me that the bird had died.  Thankfully Cindy Paparelli, the guru in charge of the New Baltimore Farmers' Market, happened to walk by.  Being as discreet as I could, I whispered to her what going on and she took our friend away.

Only after class was done and the last of the students were on their way home, did I reflex on what had happened and came to an interesting realization.  The other birds had left after the bird died.  They were there until he needed them, and then there were gone.  Birds are like us in the way that we bond and form relationships. 

We all need to be part of a family, a community, a network.  We need to be there for others as we need them there for us. 

The next time you see someone in distress, be there for them.  Not sure how to do that or what to say?  Just your calming presence will help them out and maybe remind them to.....just breathe.

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