Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Still as sweet...

I like to keep a basket of fresh apples at the studio for students to munch on after class. We advise students not to practice yoga on a full stomach so we like to have something they can grab and go with.
There was a golden delicious apple that was in the basket with a bruise on it. I would put the fresher apples on the bottom when I replenished the basket, but the bruised apple was still there. So I finally took the apple myself and had it as part of my lunch. Not surprising to me the apple still tasted as sweet with the bruise as it would have without. What was is about the bruise that was putting everyone off?
We had a garden this year and some of the bounty didn't look as pretty as the ones you might buy at the store, but with a little adjusting it all tasted just as good.
Why do we see a slight imperfection as some thing wrong? Why can't we see it as just being unique? Is that how we sometimes view ourselves or others? We all have some type of "bruise". But how we deal with it is what's important. Do we see it as a flaw, as an imperfection? Or something that makes us unique. A bruise doesn't define who we are, it is part of our character. It's what make me me and you you. After all aren't we all still as sweet inside. Of course we are and anytime you doubt it, just close your eye, see your sweetness that is inside of you and just breathe......

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