Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Slow down you move too fast....

Teachers and teachings come to us in many different ways and forms in our lives. And they seem to come when we need them, thank goodness. The other day I was sitting on the edge of the flower boxes in front of our house thinking of all the things I still had to do before my husbands family came in from TN for the weekend. Then something caught my eye on the side walk. It was a tiny snail, just doing his own thing.  He would move a little, then crawl back into his shell, then repeat the whole process over and over again.

Where ever his was going, his was taking his sweet old time.  As I sat there and watched him I thought I bet he doesn't have high blood pressure, or worry about paying bills all the time.  I imagined him breathing long full, even breaths. He was stopping when he needed to and honoring his body when he had to.

Then an appropriate song for the moment popped into my mind (which seems to happen a lot lately) by Simon & Garfunkel ”Feeling Groovy" reminding me to "slow down, you move too fast". I continued to watch my friend as I sang the verses to myself. 

We can learn a lot from Mr. Snail and Simon & Garfunkel, we all need to slow down.  I got everything done that was important for the weekend, and the rest that didn't get done?  Apparently it wasn't that important. And a good time was had by all.

Check out the You Tube video of Simon & Garfunkel from way back when.  I guarantee it will make you smile and that you will humming the song long after you listen to it.

Hey people, slow down, you move too fast, you've got to make the morning last...and just breathe.

Check out the video. 

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