Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Dad

My dad has been gone six years now. He was the yin to my mom's yang. Very quiet, a behind the scenes type of guy, much like my wonderful husband of 27 years.

He first worked in construction and then became an electrician, working long hours to provide for his family. I was blessed to have a good childhood and lots of good memories because of that. I remember watching him shave and then he would put a dab of shaving cream on my nose. He used to come home from work, sit on the steps of the landing (that’s what we called it back then) to take his work boots off and our dog would come running to greet him. I can still can hear him yell "is the dog the only one in this house that loves me" as he laughed.

But the strongest memory I have of this WWII hero, was taking me to a Daddy-Daughter dance when I was a freshman at Dominican High School. Totally out of his element and then to go out to dinner afterward with my friends and their dad's, men he didn't know, amazing! After all these years it still brings tears to my eyes. I miss you dad.

In Buddhism they teach us impermanence, that the only constant in life is change. That no one and nothing can last forever. Please text, call, hug, email the men in your lives today. Don’t wait until tomorrow. If you haven’t had that greatest of a relationship with your dad, maybe use today to plant the seeds of forgiveness, but don’t forget to include yourself in that equation. Just take it one step at a time …and just breathe.


  1. A wonderful post honoring your Dad Theresa and it brought tears to my eyes too.